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Gokarna Art Residency 2024

February 02, 2024

Visual artists who are working on Photography, painting, sketching and illustration mediums, here is the chance for you to take your creativity into next level. We are bringing you the GOKARNA ART RESIDENCY 2024 from February 2-5 (Check in on 2nd and check out on 5th). We will be staying away from city life, in a local village near Gokarna beach sorrounded by lush green. Sessions planned in this residency program: Photography: 1) Analogue Photography basics 2) Intimate portraiture 3) Fineart portraits 4) Self portraits sessions 5) Light painting photography Painting: 1) Life drawing 2) Quick sketch sessions 3) water color painting 4) Cyanotype technique 5) Sessions by Senior guest artist Mr Vikrant Shitole. There will be 3-4 muses for the workshop and participants will be divided into groups to work with them. It is residency program, not a workshop so there is no fixed timing. The idea is to be in a new space, get a new perspective and create in that environment. Both indoor and outdoor photoshoot, sketching sessions are planned. Fees for the workshop: 16000 INR (Includes Breakfast and accommodation, residency fees) Registration: You need to pay 5000 as a non refundable registration fees to confirm your seat and remaining amount can be paid before your arrival. 9439979674@upi Accommodation type: It will be a group accommodation where everyone will live under same roof. The organizers, participants, muses. Check in date: Feb 2nd (11.00 am) Check out date: Feb 5th (12.00 pm) After payment confirmation, please send the screenshot to and with below details: Name: Age: Gender: Photography/Painting.

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The Renaissance Men

January 16, 2022

This series was an honest approach to bring photography and sculpting together. To make an analogy between the renaissance era when artists used to create nude sculptures, paintings freely without being worried about the public display and the modern era when nude artists are getting banned by the platforms like Instagram, Facebook etc.

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A Roman dream

October 20, 2020

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Naked Modesty

September 11, 2018

The series was a collaboration with Phylactere, an art model from Canada on fine art and nude photography:- which is yet to receive an identity in Indian society.

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